1. Smithsgold

    Bedrock Crevice Detecting on the Yuba River

    Bedrock Crevice Detecting on the Yuba River Click here for Video Let's Find some Gold on Mother Yuba !!! We head back to the Yuba River in search of those elusive Gold Nuggets. We are armed with the Minelab SDC 2300 and the White's Gold Master V-Sat that gives us both a Pulse Induction...
  2. K

    Best Metal Detector for Gold

    Nothing gets the heart pumping like the sight of gold! When you are trying to find the rare yellow metal, it takes a metal detector with excellent sensitivity and ground balancing features to find it! If you are using a metal detector without these key performance features, you could be missing...
  3. K

    The 1715 Fleet: The Archetypal Sunken Treasure

    Caesarea National Park isn’t the only place where divers have found vast riches in living memory. There’s also the 1715 Treasure Fleet (also known as the 1715 Plata Fleet — “Plata” being the Spanish word for silver), which was unearthed by an amateur diver and enterprising Florida Man, William...
  4. Smithsgold

    Heavy Equipment Detecting

    Click here for Video A friend of mine lost his Gold wedding ring while checking the water level's in his rice field. I pack up the Metal detector and tools and hit the road in search of lost Gold !!!! I attempt to find it but have to call in the Heavy Equipment for a little help. I...
  5. Smithsgold

    Happy New Gold Year, Gold Panning the Feather

    Click Here to View Happy New Gold Year Day 0ne on the Feather River Panning for Gold to get the jump on Gary ( Two Toe's ). The past couple of years Gary's gotten out on the river on New Years day to jump start his Gold totals in our endless quest to see which one of us can find the Most...
  6. Smithsgold

    Finding Gold with a Metal Detector and a Breaker Bar

    Finding Gold with a Metal Detector and a Breaker Bar Click here for Video Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's)head to a secret spot in the mother lode to look for Gold Nuggets with the Minelab SDC 2300 and a Breaker Bar . Moving Boulder and checking underneath them has paid off in the past and using a...
  7. TreasureHawk

    New Detector to Challenge the Nokta Simplex

    New Detector to Challenge the Nokta Simplex Do you want a detector to find Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold, Platinum and more? Check out the Cobra GX 8000. Cobra GX 8000 video To optimize this detector, especially for finding diamonds, use...
  8. Smithsgold

    Tim and Gary’s Gold Adventure ( Half Ounce day )

    Half Ounce Day !!!! Tim from Blue Lead Gold Productions and Gary ( Two Toe's ) got to do some Metal Detecting and Boulder rolling Look at the Gold Nuggets they Found !!!!!!! I'd say it was a Great Day !!!!!!!! TM 010
  9. Smithsgold

    Mining Relic's of the Mother lode

    Mining Relic's of the Mother Lode There are relic's from the California Gold Rush all over the State. The pictures in the video are from Grass Valley to Beckwourth and just about every camp or village in between. When Gold was discovered in California in 1848 it started a mass expedition...
  10. Smithsgold

    First Gold

    First Gold I take a short trip to the Feather River to find Gold ( First Gold ) of the 2020 season !!! I didn't want to let Gary ( Two Toe's ) get to far ahead on the Gold Count !!!!! Thanks for watching
  11. Smithsgold

    The Nugget Hunters

    The Nugget Hunters ( Click Here ) Join the Nugget Hunters as we search for Gold Nuggets in the California Motherlode. We search for the Nuggets the 49ers didn't get. With Gary ( Two Toe's ), Prospector Jerry ( California Motherlode Prospectors ), Jeff ( Smithsgold ), Bedrock Bennett, and JC...
  12. Smithsgold

    Sniping & Crevicing for Gold Nuggets

    Sniping & Crevicing for Gold Nuggets Join Prospector's Gary AKA (Two Toe's) and Jeff (Smithsgold) as they embark on another Adventure to find the Mother Lode. Gold Nuggets are there Target and they will work the Bedrock Crevices above and Below the water to find there Treasure. Sniping for Gold...
  13. Smithsgold

    River Detecting for Gold Nuggets

    River Detecting for Gold Nuggets See who gets the Biggest Nugget Gold Prospector's Jeff ( Smithsgold ) and Gary ( Two Toes ) Head to the Hills in search of rare Gold Nuggets. Watch and see who gets the most Gold and the Biggest Nugget. SG 010
  14. Smithsgold

    Two Minutes with Two Toes

    Heavy Gravels Heavy Gravel Gary talks about what to look for in the Gravel's when looking for Gold !!!! Video Number 1 of the Two Minute series
  15. Smithsgold

    Recirculating Sluice

    Recirculating Sluice Testing a Recirculating Sluice and the April Update on what we have going on . Sneak peek at our next video !!!! Hope you enjoy the video, Jeff
  16. Smithsgold

    Panning for Gold on Butte Creek

    Panning for Gold on Butte Creek Rain can't keep Me and Gary ( Two toes ) from heading out to Butte Creek to look for Gold. Umbrella Weather for sure !!!!! Ladybugs, deer and Gold !!!!!! Thanks for watching, Jeff
  17. Smithsgold

    Winter Prospecting on the Feather

    Winter Prospecting on the Feather Watch as Jeff does some winter Prospecting for Gold trying to get the jump on Gary ( Two toes ) on there yearly Gold contest !!! I only had a short window between storms so I took a short drive to the River in search of Gold. Thanks for watching I hope you...
  18. Smithsgold

    lost Treasure Forbidden Gold

    Lost Treasure Forbidden Gold Hope you enjoy the first video of the new series from Two Toes !!!! I had a great time during the filming of the video hope you enjoy it !!!! Thanks , Jeff
  19. Smithsgold

    Crevicing for Gold

    Crevicing for Gold Watch as Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) head to the Hills in search of Gold !!! On this adventure they will be Crevicing the Bedrock cracks in search of Hidden Gold !!!! If you like the Video please Like and Subscribe to the channel this way you can get updates on new video's...
  20. Smithsgold

    Mystery Creek Gold

    Join Jeff as he goes on a hike to a small Creek to check and see if there's any Gold in it !!! Mystery Creek Gold Thanks for watching !!!