10 inch coil.

I recently purchased a 10 inch coil for my BH 202, for relic hunting, and covering more ground. (TY HungryGhost).

I was blown away by the air test for depth, and it really goes after iron. It still was able to find clad coins, but I could not run very much power with it.

The only place I have a hard time pinpointing with it, was on hard ground. The sand box, dirt piles, open desert, and my yard it was dead on.

The coil was almost too heavy for my lower coil rod. A little black electrical tape fixed the wiggle. The coil was not much heavier than the 8 inch coil that comes with the BH 202. It was the size of the coil and the wind catching it.

I also wanted to share that I eventually will pick up another detector. But the 10 inch and 4 inch coils work really well. So I will have to do with out a big number visual display for awhile.

So if your wanting depth, or to better your relic hunts, I suggest a larger coil on a detector you already know.


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Thank you!!

For the info Cruces Nomad! I was debating on getting another coil for the BH Pioneer 202? I'll have to keep an eye out for a good priced one!!!