10 Years scared off my life


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This past Monday my wife took our daughter to the Dr. with a severe headache. She had a headache for about 3 days but it had suddenly gotten worse. My wife called me and said that our Dr. was sending them to our local hospital for an MRI. My wife said that Katie was having some trouble walking and her balance was off. The MRI results came back fine but our daughter had a bad allergic reaction to Contrast administered during the test. The Neurologist recommended transferring our daughter to an Atlanta hospital for further tests to be on the safe side. She was released from the hospital on Wednsday and is now home. To make a long story shorter, our daughter has a hereditary medical condition same as her mother, grandmother, and aunt. This condition can sometimes trigger a Complicted Migrane as the Dr.'s described it that can exhibit stroke like symptoms. The Dr.'s said that she will rehab back. Her balance is already better, but her left foot is still turned out slightly as she walks, as she is using a walker for assistance for now. This scared at least 10 years off my wife's and my life. Our daughter is only 21 years old and we hope this is the only episode such as this that she will ever have. Keep our daughter in your prayers if you will. Prayer works. God Bless, and Thanks for reading.


I'm truly very sorry to hear of your daughter's scary incident. Having recently lost my daughter to cancer I know what you're going through worrying that nothing worse will happen. I wish her a speedy and complete recovery.