1236 Experiment


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I don't have a small coil for my new 1236, but I wanted to check what it would do in a extremely trashy, bad ground spot. I bought the 1236 thinking it would be a good trashy site detector even with the eight inch coil. This spot is a stretch of grass between a long picnic pavillion and a road(about 35 foot by 150 foot) The trash is overwhelming and I have used several detectors with small coils and I always seem to find coins here. I hunted this spot a couple of weeks back with a Xterra 70 small 6 inch coil. I dug many coins, but also many older style pull tabs with this setup. In addition to the trash, the ground is very mineralized. I set the disc at 8 and cherry picked this area. Way too much trash to hunt for nickles and gold. I took about two hours to hunt a 50 foot stretch and when I fired the 1236 up, it was popping and chirping real bad. I ended up lowering the sens and it was still erratic. This is the perfect spot for the silencer and when I switched it on, the detector settled down. This is an old spot and I have found IH's, barbers, and many wheats here and they are less than 5 inches deep. In the two hours I hunted, I found 28 coins including two wheat pennies from the teens. I did not dig much trash, but I did dig several screw caps. I have never had a detector that could eliminate these caps. On the CZ's I used, the audio on them seemed loud and harsh compared to a coin. Maybe as I get used to the 1236 the audio will give me some hints to them. This was another test the 1236 passed with flying colors. R.L.