12x10 Tesoro coil owners-weight question

How are you dealing with this large coil and is there anything you have done to help with this nose heavy monster? My wrist is tired quick. Are you finding anything unique? Have just used in test garden. Never used a large coil before. Are they all heavy? Could I change rods? Just deal? Thanks


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Have you thout about mounting it bacwards? I know a guy that does this with a big Minelab coil, and it works for him, Beale.
Take a look at the Swingy Thingy. I have one for my Sand Shark with the Clean Sweep Coil, and it certainly takes the weight off the wrist.
I have the 12x10 coil on a silver sabre umax...still feels lite to me but guy I bought the coil from mounted it as Beale said, backwards and said it made a big difference to him.

Give it a try.
Since everyone says it's nose heavy. When I get mine shipped from my parents home. I will see if I can mod it, have several mounting ideas in my head.

I'm sure if you can get the stem to mount nearer the center like the Fisher CZ21 coils, it should be fine.


If you modify it you will void its lifetime warranty. I would just mount the coil in reverse.
There are ways to modify a coil without voiding warranty. Make a new mounting plate of plastic and use nylon nuts and bolts to hold it in place. As well as using the current mounting tabs to hold the new mount in place.

A mod that would cost less than $5 to build. I am sure if I can make one, you can make one. A better balanced 10x12 coil makes you a happier hunter.:pcool:

Now if I would have thought about this before I posted and not give anyone I ideas..... could have made a bunch and sold them to you folks. :spin: Maybe start my own production, make them for other larger coils too............if someone doesn't beat me to it..LOL