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Garrett may not like this review of the 1350 but I am going to speak my mind. I got the 1350 thinking I was upgrading over the Ace 250. After 3 weeks of hunting I have found that the 1350 is not much better than the 250. The profiling that it has is not reliable at all. Coins will show as medium and small. The only thing it has going for it is it might very slightly detect objects a little closer to large poles and beams than the Ace and I don't know if that is the smaller coil or the unit. I am really dissapointed in the 1350 and wish I would have kept my Ace 250. Much cheaper and the same quality. Both are coin finding magnets but there is not that much difference.
:cussing:Hi there.......first of all the ace is deep for the money...but the 1350 will go deeper..Now I dont know what kind of ground your hunting,but that could make all the difference.If your hunting trashy ground,nothing is going to penitrate very good.I to dont care for that profiling feature.The 1500 is a much better design.
Gtp 1350......

That profiling thing on the 1350 I have is irritating to say the least-I just hit the button after I pinpoint to shut it up for the next find....


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On the Garrett the profiling will work great if the target is shallow and there is no other metals present or heavy mineralization in the soil. I can tell the size of the target pretty accurately without profiling on any detector. In my opinion The depth is much better than the ace and target id is much better. How long have you been using the gtp? Give it some time learn the machine and then see what you think. Dont get me wrong the ace is alot of machine for the money and Ive owned the gtp and the ace but the gtp is alot more machine for the money in my opinion and I swing a minelab.


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I have both the Ace 250 and the GTI 1500, and I find the 1500 to be a coin finding machine! Both are great machines and I use both almost everyday....give it sometime and maybe you can learn it a little better...Bob


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Thanks for the honest review. It tough to review a detector that doesn't live up to its hype. As for me, i have a Ace-250 and hunted with it exclusively for 1 year before I moved up...and I pushed that machine to its limits finding deep old coins that others wit more powerful machines had missed. I know this for a fact after talking to other local detectorist about what parks they hunted and what they found. The key is to learn the machine. I hope the new purchase will live up to your expectations soon...good luck

Interesting how opinions differ.

I have been detecting for over 20 years and have used everything I can afford, which includes both the the ACE 250 and the GTP 1350.

As of this writing I no longer have the ACE 250 - preferring the GTP 1350.

I find it much smoother to operate, with greater resolution and excellent target separation and recovery at depth. The ACE has a quirky, blaring audio, inaccuracy and lack of finish that I found tiresome. At first I liked the ACE 250 for its lightweight and novelty and used it a lot. But after a while it grew to be more annoying than anything, and I reached for it less often.

I have had a GTP 1350 or one of its predecessors (1250/1000) since theyve been out and I find it exceeds the ACE in nearly all regimes.

The 1350 exceeds the ACE in depth, especially on low end conductors, all things considered over the same ground. It isnt a mile better, but my tests indicate it is, indeed, better. Only a few detectors match it, and to get the same depth I find I must boost the ACE's SENS into practical instability.

The depth indicator on the ACE is best considered only an approximation, too. The GTP 1350 possesses greater resolution and is easier to pinpoint with.

The ACE works, yes. It is light weight and capable. It has slightly better separation with the stock coil, but not by much. It also must have its own proprietary coils, whereas the 1350 can use any of the Garrett CF II's.
It uses 4 AA's instead of 8, while having the oddest headphone jack placement Ive seen yet.

And what about that GTP 1350 profiling? Works fine on targets within 4". It is a general size indicator based on sweep speed - time based, in other words. Get your sweep speed off, have a bit of discriminated trash under the coil or lack good sweep discipline and it will err.

It also has a procedure for its proper use, one that must be learned and followed. There is no feature on any detector that must be accepted - and learned - like this one. Once you get it, its a breeze.

I test and retest my detectors each against each other. I sell those that only keep up - I keep the ones that excel. The ACE is gone, as I find it only promises what the 1350 delivers.


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I test and retest my detectors each against each other. I sell those that only keep up - I keep the ones that excel. The ACE is gone, as I find it only promises what the 1350 delivers.
I just got a new 1350 in few days ago and today was my 2nd time out and compared to my Tesoro Vaquero beep & dig detector this thing is awesome.. The id has been pretty much on the money when it comes to silver coins. It has only been wrong one time when today it hit on a quarter about 6" deep and the id showed it was bigger that a coin so when I dug the item it was a 1800's solid brass lock. And as Dahut said my Vaquero is gone. I like Tesoro but when I upgraded from the silver umax to the Vaquero I never liked it as well..So bottom line the 1350 is a keeper........MAN IT'S NICE NOT PULLING ALL THOSE PULL TABS WHEN LOOKING FOR COINS:psmile:
And BTY I pulled about $4.00 in clad today as well :coffeecup:coffeecup
It has only been wrong one time when today it hit on a quarter about 6" deep and the id showed it was bigger that a coin so when I dug the item it was a 1800's solid brass lock.
Of course the wise detectorist is recovering targets - not blindly believing everything his detector tells him.

Have fun with that 1350. Its one of my faves.


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LOL i have had the gtp 1350 for going on 4 years now, and it never stops to amaze me! the profileing is one of the best ideas ive seen! i use it on about all my targets with accuracy. expecialy when i am cherry picken. there are a couple of people i hunt with that have the ace 250 its an awesome detector but to compare the 2 wow! if i get a coin signal, and i hit that profileing mode, and its the smallest profile its a coin no doubt about it. wile the as 250 spends more time pinpointing, and going over the target sevral times, to determan if its a coin or not. ill dig 4 coins to 1 of the 250. the minute I think my detector isnt all that, bang there comes another silver coin, or a nice gold ring. try this with a 250 go over a buried beer can I bet it will read a dime or a quarter, and with my profile i can see that its to big to be a dime ,or a quarter in a matter of seconds! wile a 250 will be diggn a beer can. and thats a fact! do i get fooled by it yes but what detector doesnt tell me and ill buy it! what type of oblects do i get fooled by iron expecialy small pieces that have been in the ground for a looooooong time. lol i cant tell you the amount of times one of my freinds with the 250 will say hey run over this and see if its a coin!