1715 Spanish fleet Sebastian inlet Florida


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Started out with a good friend of mine to the opposite side of Florida on Wednesday. We were going to go find some pirate treasure! We arrived to a beautiful night on the beach, we settled in to a hotel close buy and hit the beach with our lights beaming. Hunted from dusk to 1am or so with no luck.
The next morning we moved south a little ways down, with the same out come. Friday rolled around further down the coast with soar feet from miles of coast line still nothing! Saturday, smsh! Still nothing! So we decided to head for home. The treasure coast is a beautiful place full of treasure hunters searching for the same dreams. If you get the chance to go it is a awesome experience, but here is a word to the wise, it will kick your but and send you home wondering what if! Got home Saturday night,Sunday morning went out to a local beach near the house and found a ring within tem minutes! LOL!



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I've hunted those beaches and no luck for me either but in my minds eye I could see those Spanish sailors washed ashore in the wreckage with hostile natives waiting to pick off the survivors, treasure usually has a story to go with it as valuable as the treasure itself. :)


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It's not hard to sit on the beach dunes as I did quite often and gaze at the crashing waves, just thinking that pirates and sailors looked over the same as their ships rolled in the surf. Just imagine it! There were cannons recovered justvyards from sure.


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Some years back I stopped at Vero Beach for a day. A lot of work and darn few targets. Despite not finding anything good I still want to get back there. I don't think you are really allow to water hunt the treasure coast - at least that's what I've heard. It's a Mel Fisher thing I guess. And the east coat waves are usually pretty big (too big for me to fight). I think if you spent enough time at the beach line though eventually you would find something good. Probably gonna be pretty deep - but you know it has to be down there!
Gary D says he just doggedly hunted the beach in poor conditions, just hitting trashy spots, cleaning out the trash, until one day, out popped that Spanishd 9 emerald ring, the one that made his MD rep.