19 Coin Jackpot From Coinstar


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A trip to the supermarket this morning gave me another chance to check the Coinstar machine and in the tray was a 19 coin jackpot including my third silver find of the month, a 1963 Roosevelt dime. The elongated cent is struck over a British coin dated 2010. I looked up the website listed on the coin and it's for a street in York, England that has a colorful history and is now a tourist attraction.
I'm wondering if someone's coin collection is being pilfered because of the three silver dimes I've gotten in the last few days two are from the same machine and are basically in mint condition.
I guess that coinstar is intimidated by you.
Quite sure that's why it spews out all those coins for ya.
Going by the amount of silver recently I'd be visiting 4-5 times a week.
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Thanks Ian...…..I get to check about a dozen Coinstars per week because my part time job brings me to a number of markets that have Coinstar machines. That makes it a lot easier to score some finds.