1997D Dime Error Coin.. Edge error..PICTURE


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Well I was going through my pocket change this morning and something looked odd about this dime. I picked it up and looked at the edge and the edge where the rim is is beveled. I picked up another dime an looked just to make sure i was correct on my assumption and son of a gun I was right. Here are the pictures of the dime. First 2 are the error dime and the last is a regular dime edge. What should I do with this dime. Send it off to have it slabed and graded or what?

Look at the edge of the dime

Here is another of the error dime

Here is a regular edge..

What do you guys think???:bthumb:


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Cool find, look at homefire's link, a proof uncirculated is worth $1250! Your's isn't uncirculated and probably not proof, but I'm sure there's some value to it!


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It does look like a partial collar strike it could be mint damage caused when the edge is raised. As far as value I'm not real sure. I didn't find any on ebay so it not a real common error. Icewater


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I will get another real closeup of the Rim. Hang on. I need to know about this. I don't have any coin collector shops in my area.

Its just stamped off center and made it through the quality control at the mint. As far as current value goes its about 10 cents :icon_frow but definately cool looking and I would hold on to it because there are people out there who collect things like that and its interesting if nothing else.