2 more fruit jars to fill up with silver...

Wyatt Earp

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These will take awhile to fill up. :lol:

Hey Greg......I went to my mom's today and nabbed these 2 jars. The half gallon one is still there...but my memory was errant. It's a Ball, not a date jar as I'd thought...it is slope shouldered and blown in a 3pc mold (pre-1915)...not a "strong shoulder"....but the glass was much thinner at the top of the jar and I was afraid I'd bust it. There are a couple of them on eBay. The lip is machine finished.

Here are the two I brought home. Notice that the one with the keystone is about an inch taller than the other one. It's also got a hand ground lip, while the other one is almost clear....and has a machine finished lip.






These will take awhile to fill up.
Knowing you it won't take that long.
You are the best.

Wyatt Earp

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Heck Boobie....I'm just lucky. I'm gonna be needin' some new places to get lucky too!

I have always wanted to own a Draped Bust silver dollar dated in the 1700s...and one in nice shape. I think I'll probably do a bit of wheelin' and dealin' over the winter and see if I can raise up the dough to buy one. My whole coin collection could end up fitting in my pocket....and then I'd have to start all over again filling these jars.
Those are nice jars. I found a blue half-gallon ball jar one time when I was out rock hunting. It was at an old house site. It was whole and perfect except for one little chip out of the rim. I used it for years to put change in. I don't know much about jars, but I'm sure this one was old.