2 new additions. . .

Picked up these 2 bottles today @ the bottle show and I don't know anything about them. The green one has an applied seal and I THINK it reads deguillie elixir or elixir de guillie can't really make it out but it has a big G in the middle of it. The other one I thought was hand blown bc of how its shaped, but it has a seam down both sides. I figured my daughter might like a new "potion" bottle, lol. The guy has it labeled "possibly barber bottle? Toilet water, etc. Poorly made. Unique one of a kind example". The bottom seems to have just been blobbed on there, not very professional looking. Any ideas on either are appreciated.


the small green bottle is most likely a betters from France. 1900s. the other bottle look like a glass plant reject 20th century just keep the green one.