3 New Models for Fisher: F11 F22 and F44


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News from Fisher. At the moment the Fisher Research Labs is the First Texas Products Team SHOT show 2015 in Las Vegas and has presented three new models that will soon be available on the market.

From the event at the time they arrive still little news, but apparently the three models presented are: the metal detector Fisher F11 , the F22 Fisher metal detectors and metal detector Fisher F44 .

The three New Metal Detector presented by Fisher: F11 - F22 - F44For the moment we have some pictures of Fisher F44 that is produced with a concentric elliptical plate 11 ".

Control Box Fisher F44

The search coil 11-inch Fisher F44.

Some other news: the Fisher F22 and F44 work with 2 AA batteries.

Soon you will be updated with more news with the news of the event. Also coming several innovations for Teknetics.
2 AA batteries ! that's very economical . But what happened to the F33 ?
The F44 coil is bigger than I thought , when I saw it on another forum it looked smaller or at least I thought it was because of the concentric design.
But are these detectors a starter type ? maybe to take on Minelab's Go Find 20 40 60 ?

Still they look alright.
I am deciding between a Teknetics Delta 4000 and the Fisher F44 as a coin hunting detector. The discount I get at the store I work at makes these entry level detectors a great deal.
We don't carry Mine Lab , White's or Garrett.
Have been using a White's Goldmaster II since the early '90s. Great at 55 KHZ for fine gold, want lower Hz for a coin cache I am looking for.
Like the auto/manual ground balancing on the F44 vs fixed with the Delta 4000.
Haven't been looking for coins in the past, a bit different than hunting gold veins.

Any thoughts?


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I'm no help to you Ben. I have no experience with them. I'd think someone here would have some knowledge and be able to help you.


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I have Never used either one? I had a F2, a F5, and have Looked at the F19, I think that is the Big Boy New one? Anyhow My F5 was a Killer unit and I loved the cross between LCD and Dials. Once set Leave the Dials alone, Use the Unit and Go! Nice MD and I am sure either would do? IMHO Fisher?


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My hunting buddy Leo, got a F2 with DD coil he likes it found a barber quarter last time he was out, its lightweight, and easy but he digs everything just like me ! Dig it ALL !


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I have used a F75 for years. Just switched over to minelab. Will say I like the way they sound on targets. I like the ballance and weight of F75. First Texashas always been very helpful if I have any concerns. Im sure both are great detectors.