4" Coil on the Golden Umax !!

Some folks like to go deep and some folks like target separation in trash and so far the little 4 inch coil is really impressive if you really like target separation. I've been hunting an old site with a blanket of iron and tried over a dozen detectors at this site and the Golden was on par with all the others i've tried until i used the 4" hockey puck.

I haven't found anything of notable mention but the level of target separation is superb and the depth on lower conductive targets is excellent.I found a few wheats at 4" inches and a Buff Nickel at 5" some pulltabs and other smaller aluminum junk pieces at close to 6" all with fairly strong signals mixed with iron.Been fooled a number of times with false signals but surprised i even got the hits i got as i've gone over these areas time after time with other detectors and the tiny 4" coil is sweet and the Golden tones allow enough info to investigate meshed targets.

I'm not too crazy about the pinpoint on the Golden yet, but disc mode is pretty good and fine for me because the Golden is a very good trash hunter IMHO as the targets that are so close together can be heard as individual hits with a modicum of tone variations. Just a few thoughts on the Golden Umax and how it helped me. HH Bill
Hi Bill, I am very happy to read about the results so far with the little hockey puck coil. They are a great addition to the Golden. I love the Golden! Thanks for the information Bill and I appreciate being able to help you out. God Bless and CU later.

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4" coil

:spin:Thanks, Bill. I currently use one on my oldie but goodie Royal Sabre. I am considering the Golden since you can run it a lower disc settings than is possible on the Royal. I was just wondering if you had tried setting the tones where iffy targets mix,i.e., zincers mixed high and medium, foil mixed iron and low tone? Don't send me too good a report as I may have to spend that money!:cool:
Hi Slingshot,

Just to let you know i'm a detector and coil junkie and enjoy trying different detector and coil combinations and forever refining the herd for whatever it's worth. I've calmed down a bit since the wife lost her job :cussing: Never adjusted anything inside the box if thats what your asking but i did like the 4" coil vs the 5.75 concentric and still have both although i did sell the Golden a few months ago and not sure it was wise or not but after a few more hunts since i made the Sept. 07 post i bought a Fisher F2 and preferred it's 4 tones over the Golden and with the 4" coil it's one amazing little trashy site hunter where good targets are relatively shallow.

I did find the Golden uMax to have very low discrimination ability and the iron tone and high tone were great but the middle tones didn't click so well with co located targets and since i also have my "Trusty" 7 Tone Whites M6 and two excellent low disc detectors in the IDX Pro and Fisher 1236x2 the Golden became expendable due to the mid range incoherence. Picky perhaps and if those middle tones had a bit more separation it would be a tough call. Just my opinion of course and Good Luck with your decision. HH Bill
Keeping the Royal

Yeah-I've heard that before from other posters. By adjusting the Royal, I only have to deal with three tones-low, mixed, and high. The lowest disc setting is about foil, though. Some say there may be some target masking that causes me to miss some targets-but Tesoro advises to run with the disc at just below nickel, anyway. Doubt if I'm losing that many targets. Thanks:wave: