505 found gold


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I got my 505 along with my MXT-pro. I love the 505 for parking lots and like areas. It finds coins quick, along with other goods. One morning not long after I bought it (I have a BH-QD-2 also) I remembered a park to the north I figured I may clean up some coins. Well Id grabbed 2 coins quick and was working a gravel area near a pavillion.

Suddenly it went off, and I didnt even look at the readout. I reached down an used a trowel to move 2 small scoops of gravel. The 2nd exposed a gold ring. I said to myself "you got to be kidding me" as I figured Id find gold some day in the grass or somewhere like that. Not in a gravel lot. I reached down and it was small in diameter but heavy and read 14Kt. It weighed 9.1gm and I was offered $255.00 at the time for it. As gold was down from its 1900 highs I decided to hold.

Ive also recovered mercury dimes in another park with this machine at 6 inches or so. `26-P, `42-P, `42-S, and a `46 Roos. too. And too much spendable cash to mention! Good all around machine!