505 tune up tips from owners

I've had my 505 since November and still don't feel comfortable that I have it mastered at all. I don't have any trouble at all locating silver and copper, nearly 100.00 in small change, two silver rings and a gold plated 16 inch italian chain are not a bad list of finds.
I usually work in the disc mode but want to know how you all have done on hitting gold finds. I feel I could do a lot better in this area if I could determine the right signal on this. Is it in fact the foil sound, deep low tone, that you have success with or are you all setting the 505's on other than disc settings?
I look forward to your thoughts on this as I have been wrestling for some time with this nagging at me.
Thanks in advance
Hi Warrant, the problem with trying to find gold items in the disc. mode is if you set it to knock out pulltabs, foil, lead then you will most likely miss gold rings and other types of gold. It is unfortunate but they all present the same phase-shift in the EM field. You will need to dig those pulltab responses if you don't want to chance missing a nice diamond ring. I know I don't like it either! I usually hunt in all-metal with the Xterra 70 or Explorer SE. Ok I hope this is helpful and God Bless ya Warrant.

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I have a BH SSII with similar controls. If you run through the discrimination drill in your manual, discriminating out items one by one and throw in a gold ring for reference, you will probably get an idea of what to listen for. I have been meaning to do that myself using various sizes of gold, iron and pull tabs. I suspect the only way not to miss anything will be to dig it all. I may mess around with that discrimination drill tonight myself.