A couple of firsts!


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Secured a new permission at a friends mom's house - 1874 and 1.38 acres! She shadowed me the whole day but was just very interested in what I was digging. She said a ring had been lost some years back but only knew the general area where it was supposed to have been lost and that it was a class ring. Well I found it in the first 10 minutes! Turned out to be a 14.8 gram whopper of a PLATINUM class ring! My first platinum - BUT it is a recovery and I will be happily returning it!:cry: That was my first first. My second first was a 1974 Kennedy half dollar. Not silver but always fun to pull out something bigger than a quarter! Also got a 1936 Merc, two wheaties - 1912, and 1918S, and a 1942 Canadian penny. AND invited back whenever I want. I think there may be some goodies there as I didn't cover half of the area!