ACE 250 - your deepest coin?

What is the deepest coin you have found with the ACE 250?

Be careful to consider that the coin may have fallen out of the side your plug hole to the bottom. I have found plenty of coins in the side of the plug hole above the depth reading. I have also pulled coins from deep holes only to get stuck in the side of the plug hole from them being stuck to the trowel. I figured this out by the fact that the location and depth reading suddenly made a drastic change. I have also had some possible deep targets just disappear as I am digging due to them falling from the sidewall in a deep plug hole beyond the reach of the detector.

Please be honest here. Many have said the ACE is simply a cheap shallow detector. I know differently though:)


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I couldnt really tell you but I would also guess 5" on a quarter....
The Ace is really for the tot lots and thats is why I got it....
But I have a Tesoro on the way to replace it and so I can go deeper...

The Ace is a great little detector but I wasnt to impressed with the depth....
My older Bounty Hunter TrackerIV is deeper than the Ace and I know that from experience....
But I do like it for the Tot Lots....I might sell it on here or trade someone for another Tesoro.....
In May, I dug a 1914-S Barber half at 9" in muddy ground with my Ace 250. I've been hunting for 49 years, with more expensive detectors, and had not found a silver half dollar until the Ace 250 located this one. In the first pic, I had already wiped the mud from the half in order to even be able to tell what it was and I set it back down at its original location for the photo.
~Texas Jay


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For what they cost the Ace 250 is excellent value, mine more than paid for itself and was quite sensitive to small gold. I never paid much attention to depth but often found the same amount of coins with it on the beach as I would with my Excalibur.