ahh-the memories

Must say, the bounty hunter IV was a great machine...some bells-no whistles, this little baby has got me hooked.Now it is the "carrot" I lure in all my freinds with when I put it out on loan.After they dig a couple of cool things, they buy in on the MDing right away.Many an addict has my little machine created.I felt very comfortable with it within the first calibration and about the 3rd or fourth field test.For any beginner-this is the perfect entry level device.:biggrin:


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Right you are - I've found from working at Kellyco that the Tracker IV is often the way people start out, and even the way they start out their kids! It's a safe way to get in the field, and once the bug bites... well, take a look around TQ and you see the results... :smile:
tracker 4 works great!!!!

I bought mine back in november from kellyco ,it has been a great learning tool for me.
I have dug .22 shell casings at 6 inches in dry ground and a wheat penny in wet ground at near 8 inches.larger iron targets at a foot and a half.
i set my sensitivity to 90%,toggle to tone mode and discrimination to full clockwise you'll get 3 tones just dig high and low tones,broken tone is trash and clad pennies.I still get good depth to about 6 inches with discrimination at 100%.
I wonder what the 10 inch coil would do to my cheap "badboy"!!!! lol:icon_roll
Pioneer 101/Tracker IV

I found a Pioneer 101 at a local pawn shop for $50 in very nice condition, haven't been able to use it yet. I have read it's the same thing as a Tracker IV and from what I'm hearing here I'm glad I bought it. The reason I bought was so that I have an extra detector to entice someone else into this sickness,,I mean wonderful hobby..I know that's evil..getting somebody hooked like that, but I will take full responsibility. It's nice to know I didn't throw my money away on it..Thank You


I got a BH IV for fathers day last summer. Its best thing my kids did for me. It got me out getting a lot of exersize also finding coins & treasure. I found $70.00 in clad 1 merk. 1 rosie 1 silver Q. 1 IH. 1864. 8 ws. Also a 925 silver Tiffenny Pendent. sold on Ebay $36.00. Now I'm hooked. I just got A ace 250 also the sniper coil. But the BH will still find many coins, using headphones will really help you. Don't let any body tell you have to have a $1000.00 MD. you just have to learn your MD. Good Hunting, PS, also this TQ. will help.:wavey::wavey: