All I find is clad no silver????


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Remember that all the silver dropped on the ground has been hunted hard for at least 60 years.
Each year there are more detectorists and more hi tech detectors.
If ya still want silver n gold ya just have to keep tryin'.
If yer tryin' you've got chances, if yer not tryin' you've no chance.
Learn you local history. The key is research, research, and more research. Find the places where the most people gathered before 1965. Don't just go to parks or other areas that have been thoroughly detected by detectorists for many years. That being said, I took an experienced treasure hunter with me to one of my sites this past Monday. It had been detected many times before. We were both using our Garrett Ace 250s and had been there for about an hour when he called me over while holding up a coin of some kind. It was worn pretty slick and it was about 9-10" deep. I knew it was a silver quarter of some variety but could only guess because of the wear and it was getting dark. I did recognize what I thought was a nose on the obverse side. He took it home and rinsed it off and called me on the phone. He gave me the date and enough details so that I immediately knew what he had found - an 1805 Draped Bust quarter! That wouldn't be terribly unusual had it been found in an area in the east, deep south, or northeast but it was found right here in Brown County, Texas which didn't see its first settler until the late 1850s.
If you want to find more silver coins, my other suggestion is that you start door-knocking and seeking permission to hunt yards that at least date back to 1950. Your goal is to find yards of that description that have probably never been detected before.
Since yours is an old post, hopefully you've been successful at finding a lot of silver in the past 3 years.
Happy Hunting!
~Texas Jay


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Just like a girl has to kiss a lot of horny toads before she finds the frog that's her Prince Charming, you'll have to dig a lot of pull tabs to find your silver. I haven't found a lot of silver, but I sure appreciate it when I do! Dig everything, you never know.