All metal fast and slow

Hi folks, first post here. I have a Tiger Shark and am a little lost as to the advantages of the all metal fast as opposed to the all metal slow choice. In an air test the slow seems to pick up things about a inch or so deeper or farther from the coil.[8 inch coil] I know air test are not the end all and some folks think they are useless but it's all I can do with snow on the ground.

So thanks for any help with this or any tips on this machine in advance.

Toby, HH


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Welcome to TQ Toby. I have no idea about your machine, but I hope you get it figured out. Best of luck in your hunting adventures. That is when the snow melts.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, and Earl your note at the bottom that starts out [the irony of life] could not be more true. But I keep trying to plug along.:p



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We wish ya a warm
to TQ Toby, from the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.

Slow usually means deeper on other manufacturer's machines.

We're just a pair of oldies too.