Amazon Is Coming To Town


IMG_1043.JPG IMG_1044.JPG Amazon is building a distribution center in town which is projected to be ready to go in nine months. Work has already started on the site that used to be the "Plainfield Greyhound Park". The park closed in 2004 after being open for 28 years. This site is only a mile and a quarter down the road from where I live and I'm not looking forward to its completion. There'll be increased traffic on on a small road resulting in congestion at peak times, more trash on the road and possibly some crime? And, though Amazon will pay a lot of tax to the town, I doubt that the residents will see a reduction in their property taxes.


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That’s too bad for you SOJO. It will be an inconvenience.
it would be nice if they would put them out of town a ways but then getting good to the center costs them more probably.