An Identification Question!

Hello everyone! I'm new here, driven partially by a need to know what this thing is I need to identify, and general curiosity. :)

Firstly, let me explain a little. I work for a museum in Alberta, and in 1985, a man died, his will revealing that he'd donated eighty five items to this museum. Needless to say, with the museums staff of one harried woman, some things were forgotten.

One of them was only recorded as a "Whatzitt?" was placed in a wooden box, and forgotten in the artifact storage in this building until now. Naturally, I was curious as to what exactly it is.

I did a search for dowsing rods, because this thing, at one point in time had two black rods from the end which curved outwards slightly. One has since been broken off entirely, and the other has been broken as well, as the box in the pictures below shows it was once quite a bit longer.

The main material seems to be stainless steel, and the glass vial is filled with gold-ish flakes or chunks.

My best guess is a loaded dowsing rod, I found a similar picture on Google search, but I need a better confirmation. Does anyone else have ideas? If anyone has anything that show something similar to this, please! Link them here! I'll be forever grateful. :) And thanks in advance!

Edit! Oops! Sorry if I put this in the wrong place!



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A nice whatzit for sure!!! Possibly a type of Dowsing???...That is the first thing that would come to mind looking at it...Hope you get it figured out!!!



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Hi and welcome to TQ, glad to have you with us! I would guess a type of dowsing rod also, set up to find gold? Just a guess though.
:) Thank you everyone for the welcome! It's much appreciated!

And thank you for the possibilities. Now I think I can safely toss the idea by the curator of it just being a Dowsing rod and have opinions from more than myself. (She's kind of a stickler for people having multiple sources from many people about possibilities.)

Thanks again, everyone! :D


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Welcome from Down Under

Cannedinsanity G'day mate and welcome to TQ family. :icon_cool

If it is a type of a devining rod i hav enot seen one like that before interesting.

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if its a dowsing rod its the heaviest ive ever seen, it actual looks like one end drives into the ground maybe to enhance signals lol not sure but if thats gold in the vile there is a few thousand dollars worth there


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Very Interesting!!!!!

I have no Idea... Welcome to TQ Forum and thanks for coming to us with the request to try and Identify that object. I would give it a little time though, and let some more of our folks come on and take a look at that Thing-a-ma-bob and help possibly trying to identify it.
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My guess would be a "lightning rod"...they made them with glass along time ago. Normally round glass on the rod...if if was struck with lightning the glass would break and you would know to check for damages....just a guess i am not expert at all...