An ink bottle question.

I'm new at inks, so please bear with me.
I found this ink bottle and can't find a similar shape online. It's narrower at the base than at the top of the well.
It's 2 1/2" tall, the base is 1 5/8" and the widest part is slightly over 2".
The base has 2 indented straight lines that form a "Y" and 3 small blobs at the rim on which the bottle sits.
The mold lines don't go all the way to the top (applied top?) and on the outside of the neck in the molded area there is a formation for a screw top.
1. What is this type bottle called?
2. Does the "Y" mean anything or is it accidental?
3. What book should I get to learn about identifying inks? Are there any great sights online that would help?
Thank you very much for helping a new collector.



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The first thing is to welcome you to TQ!

That is a very cool ink well bottle. We do have bottle hunter on the site. I am hoping one of them will help you, Beale.


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to TQ Forum, glad you are here!!! Waving from Connecticut!!!:wavey::wavey::wavey:

Here at TQ, we welcome all finds.
Whether they are metal or glass, it takes all kinds.
So post a sentence or a picture or two.
Whatever it is, it's good to here from you!!!