Any coin shooting tips for F70?????

Hello everyone I just recieved my new F70 today and was wondering if some of you can give me the best tips for coin shooting and some jewerly hunting??? Could you please give me tips on what to set my F70 with the 11" DD coil as I will probley be using it more then the stock coil?? Also any tips for coin shooting around power lines??

Any tips or info would be greatly appriciated Thank you Steve


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Never used that machine...but i hear its good. as for hunting around powerlines, well it might be a good spot to check, since kids sometime party under or around them due to their remote locations and access. i have some here i was just told about would be a good spot to check for that very reason. how it affects the machine???? no clue..hope someone can say. good luck with the machine and hunt!


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Congrats on the nw MD! I have read some very good reports about it. I have read that the F70 and 75 are very sensistive to EMI (powerlines). I am gonna send you a PM, Beale.


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F70 tips

I just got my F70 this past Saturday and I've been getting good results just using it on the default settings. Figure I'll run it this way untill I learn the machine then I'll play with changing the settings. At least this way I'll have a better understanding of what the changes are doing once I start making them. I'm well pleased with the F70 so far. Good luck!
My experience with the F70 has been pleasantly simple. After briefly reading the manual, learning how to ground balance with the coil pumping procedure, I decided to keep the other settings as close to factory presets as possible. I found a few deep period relics in my short first outing with it, on those default settings. Don't overthink it too much - those settings are default for a reason ;) Happy gold prospecting!