Any rumors on a new Whites top of the line detector

I'm getting back into MDing after a long pause and would like to upgrade from my 20+ yr old XLT. I'm tempted to get a V3i, but I know it's been out quite some time and before I buy one I'd like to know if anyone has heard of any rumors of a newer top of the line Whites. I going to assume that they are not kicked back and not develop a new one, so my question isn't so much are they developing a new one, but are there any rumors about when it might be released. Any links to rumors and the like would be appreciated.


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Dingode, Welcome to the TQ forum from Georgia. The XLT is a good detector. It can hold it's own. I use the Whites MXT PRO and really like it.


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Welcome from NM. Not seen any NEW machines from Whites in 10 years. Yea they come out with New Models but I don't see them as anything New. Just Re Boxed old model with a few twist added.