Any Teknetics Gurus out there?


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I have had my Teknetics Delta 4000 for about a month. I am satisfied with the detector, but still have a lot to learn. Does anyone out there have one, that wouldn't mind sharing some knowledge and operating tips? I have some ID questions as well.


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While I do not own one? I would suggest hunting for some U-tube vids on the unit. I also ask you this. Are you hunting coins, relics, jewelery, or all? beale.


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Thanks for the reply. I have watched a couple of vids on U-tube, but they just cover the basics and there are only a few on the Delta. I am looking for someone to talk more about their experience and what they have learned about ID's, etc. Thanks again:)


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also try the new sponsor on this forum.....see his post as he is a teknetics dealer.....he may be of some help....i have the Teknetics t-2 and wouldnt .........(never mind, i dont want the word to get out)..........

For asking. I cant honesly tell you much about the 6000. I have an 8000 im using for a demo but frankly with my F-75 LTD its hard to want to try swing anything else yet.
The 8000 so far is very impressive! I have played with a DD 11" coil on it and I seem to think I like the stock coil on it better. Seems to lock on targets better.

I will know more when it warms up here. I have allot of videos on the machine on my video section of my site.

Hope I helped in some sorta way! Anything specific just ask!

Tom Klune

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LOVE my Gamma 6000 DD.....Took me MAYBE 1/2 hour to be running it well. People I talk to, and my Daughter (my MD partner) find it hard to believe that pretty much anywhere we go I spend a LOT of time on my knees DIGGING SIGNALS. Very impressive machines. A detector guy I know in my small town told me he has hunted out all the parks/areas he could think of (haha) and I just giggle to myself as I'm diggin, diggin, diggin, !!! A lot of it is knowing your machine tho... I won't knock any brand out there today. Detectors have come a LONG way !! Take Care and Happy Digging !!!!!