Anybody wear a fitness tracker?


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My wife upgraded from a Fitbit Charge 2 to the Versa so I started wearing the Charge 2 just to see how I did.
I set the steps to 7500 a day seeing as how I am fully retired now. I wish I had this thing when I was working.
Anyway, each night I would check my steps and I found that I was bypassing the 7500.
But, my best day since I started about three weeks ago was this past Tuesday. I got 24,227 steps, 12 floors climbed and 11.26 miles! All this while sitting on my butt most of the day!
I had some roots from a pine tree sticking above the ground and my lawn mower blade was hitting them so I decided to remove them. The tree had been cut down 5 or 6 years ago so I figured the roots wouldn't be much problem. WRONG! I spent all day digging around them, most of the time with a small shovel while sitting down. Then, I got my sawzall out and started cutting the roots.
During a break I checked my fitbit and was surprised to see over 10,000 steps. So, I hit another root with the saw, re checked the fitbit and it had jumped almost 300 more steps.
By the end of the day I accumulated the steps, mileage and floors I posted in the beginning of this long winded post.
I have heard that these things are not real accurate but I have found myself walking more to get my step count up. And, I get in a lot of steps detecting!


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LOL, I don't need a Gizmo to tell me I need to move around more. I still get winded walking the 4/10 mile to the mail box and back.


I've never used a Fit Bit or any other device. I stay in shape by doing a lot of walking on my job, taking daily two mile walks at the local park, bowling 8 games per week, and of course metal detecting. I retired from full time work in 2002 and I weighed 167 pounds at the time. As of right now I weigh 164. I'm 73 :barefoot: and hoping to make it to 74 :).


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I had a fitness program on my cell phone when I was working. I averaged over 10000 steps a day and about half of that was stairs. I averaged about 400 stairs a shift. I haven’t kept track since I retired. I have a brother that runs marathons and he wears one of those type devices.


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I am fully retired now. I find that just wearing this thing prompts me to get up and do something. I also average over 10,000 steps a day. Due to back injuries I can't run or do extreme physical activities but I try to stay as active as I can. I am 68 and hope to make it a few more years!


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I am still a kid at 63, and still active all day. When you live in Washington State you don’t want to sit and let moss grow under your feet. I can’t run either as I have bad knees.
You are doing well, keep it up.


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This is what I wear when relic hunting. A Ben Gay back patch taped in place lower back. Ben Gay ointment to the shoulders. 2 Alleve tablets taken. 15 pound backpack, and carrying shovel and MD. We walk on average a good 4 to 5 miles on some pretty hilly terrain. Needless to say this 63 year old usually feels his age by the time I return home. I hope I can keep at it another couple of years or two. It has been a fun ride. I really envy the hunters in Virginia and Tennessee who can hunt those huge tracts of fields where the CW camps were.


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The site we are currently hunting is a plowed field. When we find a hut site it is nothing to dig a signal every four or five minutes for two or three hours! My knees are done for by the time I get through! Sometimes I just stay on my knees and swing the detector as far as I can before having to get up!