Anyone for Big Hunk candy bar?


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Oops, you know you are right. I got carried away. It's a chocolate kinda thing. My appology.
while we are talking about chocolate did you know the guy that invented Mars candy bar had to get his chocolate from Hershey. Hershey was now supplying his fiercest competitor his chocolate.
Another fact. Did you know Hershey’s secret to their chocolate is using sour milk? True fact. I just watched s two hour show about these guys and more from the beginning to present. In the beginning the candy business was like a war. Interesting show for those of us who love candy.


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Story of my life. I am a middle child so I am used to that accusation. I am responsible for everything from Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the garden to Trumps phone call. :mad::eek::cry::cry:
Whut?...........Trump made a phone call? I haven't heard this...:sneaky: I'm like most I guess when I say I'm sick of all this. The funny thing to me though is that as much as the democrats hate the president, as much as they have fought him tooth and nail on almost every twist & turn on every issue, it is their very party that will help get the president re elected in the next election. What goes around comes around. JMHO.


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I've always been a little partial to Butterfingers myself. But I tell you what. Send me a box of Hunks and I'll send a box of Goo Goos!