Anyone have a GMH CX II

I just sent my GMH to Garrett for repair.All it needed was a processor chip and the touchpads are starting to work intermittently .They could stop working at any time.Garrrett didn't have any.I really don't want to give up on this detector.Anyone out there have a source for the tou.chpads and can show me how to replaceg them? I've I've had it for about five years made some pretty good finds locally( central Il). 1828 Large cent , 1898o half dollar,at the same site.It GMH II may be a metal detecti.g relic but its still a good detector.
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Yeah I need to find touchpads.You can set what you need to set or just go to presets and go from there.Decent depth with just stock coil.Ill be using it turn it off then the on touchpads might go down and I'll be out of luck.I hope someone has one in the back of there closet somewhere