Anyone own one of these?


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I used a Garrett GTA when I started out many years ago..Garrett makes a fine machine....Buster.....:reindeer:
Darn good machine; been using one for a bit over 3 years; need not say that I like it.

Easy to learn, easy to use; don't think you can go wrong with it; made in the USA.

have a good un...................
Yes, I own one...

So...who else here is using one currently ? I'd like to know who gets what kind of readings and the like. Would be nice to start getting some feedback on this model as it may help bring any bugs or defects to the surface.
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Hey Marty I will be honest with you. I have not read alot on the site about them. I know they are a good unit, one of the ones I looked at.

I hope you can get the info you need, Beale.

Nice to hear there's at least one other member with this model. It looks like Whites is the most popular brand.
What do you mean by tuning the GTI 1500 ? I haven't done that. Maybe it's dependant on your soil conditions ? Had mine since 10-4-08 and have been finding all sorts of stuff right from the getgo. I like it more each day. Unfortunately we are back into the deep freeze. Oh well, back to the test garden.
I meant like setting up the discrimination for my area. when i first got it, in coin mode, i was picking up some steel also, i now have it discriminated out to where it only hits on coins now. Now i need to go through the other modes and set them also.
Read your manual, this is something you can do with the touchpad on the control panel. But, you might have better ground conditions than i have.
That's the notch disc...

Where you can add or subtract the audible tones in a certain mode ? I notice that in coins mode it'll show some targets but not sound off on them. I may make up a custom one sometime, but for now I like using the last mode button to jump back and forth from Jewelry to zero. Jewelry for searching and zero for the Sunray.Very slick.
when in coin mode, i only have the penny, dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar selected. And if im not in a trashy area, then i will also select nickle.
Coin mode.....

Or more specifically .....pennies. I find that better than 50 % of my pennies fall on the 7-7.5, how about you ? Dimes and quarters are right on. Haven't found any halves or dollar coins, but have a couple ready for the test garden.
You must be well versed in detector sounds ? I'm still digging 95% of hits. Usually pass on some of the large targets that are deep. It's been too cold to dig to China and I don't currently carry anything larger than my Ames digger.
g 1500

Hi, You might have a lot more inf. by asking on the new post ive heard nothing but good about the 1500 2500 garttets. This forum seems to be getting more on ace 150&250. More people are looking at the new post.Good luck ron,:wave::wave::wave:
I've had the 1500 for a couple years now and like it real well. The imageing and depth features are very helpful but in the begining I was relying on them too much. If I hit a target that shot way off the scale on size and depth I would not dig. Then later I discovered some of these hits were a coin laying on the surface or slightly imbeded in the grass. As most of you know an object laying on top of the ground will sometimes create a really wild signal. So now I will spend a little more time checking the target from different heights or swinging from a different direction. Also I recently got the new Garrett Pro-Pointer which has a little more detecting range than my Vibra-Probe. When I get that wild signal and can't figure it out with the 1500, I will check the surface with the pro-pointer before I pass it up.
Hearing more about the "2nd pass" idea .....

Recently I have heard quite a few MD'ers speaking about the importance of searching an area in two different directions. Just the other day I had the GTI 1500 in my small test garden and learned the value of this. Was having some fun with random coins. Half dollar coin flat was no trouble to pick up at 8", but on edge was a bit tougher to hit. A medium size brass belt buckle was very easy to find even under the test tub at 10".