Anyone own one of these?

I like my 1500

It's a good machine but my problem is that i sometimes find myself only digging coin sized objects and therefore i will be missing some good larger finds.I can keep up with friends that have the Minelabs and find things they miss so it is a fun machine to use.
I sometimes swing my GTI 1500. It is a nice detector with the image feature that reports the size of the object. Some larger targets can read as a dime lets say and without the image feature you would waste time digging a soda can lid.
I'm thinking of upgrading to the GTI1500 from my GTAx550. I like Garrett so I'll probably stay loyal to them. Keep me posted on how your doing with your 1500.
I've been thinking about trying out a F75 but I would have to let go of my GTI2000 first.Great machine but I'm getting the itch.
GTI anything equals a non skilled hunter and is a very non responsive machine. Phooey ! Hidious target separation !!! very weak on depth and Response.


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Any detector is great once is learned well. Some may well be able to afford the best of the best without issues but some can't. We do the best we can with what we can have and nothing more.
I love mine

However this Garrett GTI 1500 is the only real machine that I have used. I really appreciate it when the machine says that I found a quarter 7 inches down, and after digging down 7 inches...I find a quarter.


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Gti 1500

I have had a 1500 for about 10 years i try others then go back to the 1500 really a nice detector:coffeecup


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i got a gta 1000 about 16 yrs ago and just recently upgraded to the GTI 1500 and love it, i was real happy with the 1000 but after about 1 day with the GTI's size imaging i never looked back, being able to size out coins from cans or lids just makes life so much easier :bthumb:
Great Detector!

I purchased a used one in July of this year.Very easy to learn,easy to set up. I,unlike most detectorists ,love to hunt "clad" coins and gold rings. This is the perfect detector for that.The imaging saves me from digging cans and "slaw". With a set of "killer B" headphones I can tell if the low conductive audio/readings are jewelry or foil/tabs most of the time.The tone on the lower end of the spectrum where the small gold womens rings are found is the area you need to pay attention to and LEARN the sound. In the 2+ months I have had this detector I have found 2 10k gold rings,7 silver rings and many junk rings + a few chains and LOTS of clad.If you want to find the small women's gold rings you should also accept the 2 notches below foil!This is one GREAT detector. It's a keeper!! :bthumb:

i got a 1500 GTI a month or so ago, and really like it. i have found over 200 clad coins in the past month, about half with the 4.5'' scorcher coil, in severely trashy areas. it REALLY helps to have the imaging feature, as i like to be rewarded for getting down and digging. with the 4.5'' coil, a penny would read as the target at 1''-2''. after digging 3-4 and not finding anything, i started picking up the coil over the target listening for signal. if the volume faded at 2''-3''-, it will be a penny or dime. if the signal is still loud at 5''-6'', it is a can. [ the scorcher coil will not image] all in all, i give this detector high marks.
Don't get one if you hunt much with your buddies using other detectors. They'll always be asking you to come over and tell them what size the target is that they have just located !!!!!! But I jest, I enjoy going over and telling them "that's too big to be a coin " or "looks like you have found a coin ,better dig it". It's amazing how accurate it is. Sometimes, depending on the site I am hunting, I will dig "C" size targets as well as the "B" coin size targets. But I have learned not to dig a "C" size target indicating underneath the penny icon with the screw type icon above it. I dug three of those signals the other day just to prove to myself that it was a screw cap and every time is was an aluminum screw on bottle cap. They don't really look any bigger than a quarter but it sizes bigger than a coin! It don't matter, if it is a thin dime or a big ole half dollar, it will give you "B" or coin size. That must be one heck of a lookup table they came up with for that microprocessor to access! Plus the depth is really accurate. Most detectors can only accurately identify depth on coin sized objects. If it is bigger than a coin the depth reading is too shallow and if it smaller than a coin the depth reading is too deep. The GTI will give accurate readings no matter the size of the object. It really is an easy, fun machine to use. Not many people part with them and if they do they miss the size feature. Even Sandman, he had bad luck with his but I bet he still has it. It may not be the deepest or have the fastest recovery, but it is still a one of a kind coin finder. The only coin it is not good on is nickels. It will id a nickel just fine but it will also id a lot of foil as a nickel. I've been using mine for about 9 years and unless Garrett comes up with something better, I think I'll keep using it. It is just a little on the heavy side but well balanced. I've noticed this a little more now that I'm older. My shoulder isn't what it used to be so I also swing an ACE250 which is also a fun , capable detector for the money. But that is for another forum.