Artifacts ????


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We used to have a few..but that was a few years can check the back posts for some seemed pretty cool when they would talk about it..Never have done it, but seen an older gentleman do it to find water for a well up in Virginia..Worked real good...impressed was I...Chuck.....:bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb::wavey:


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Like Buster Said it!

I've tried it all I found was a snake in a hole and a wild time.

I have seen some one that found water Three out of five times.

It may be done, but I sure can't do it.

I think it's just a game of chance.



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I will say welcome to the site! Glad to have you on!

I would like to give dowsing a try. I think you really have to believe in it, and be very specific what you ask, Beale.
Dowsing In General

Hi All,
Thank you for the replies...
I do metal detect, currently have a Minelab se, and a Fisher cz-6....
When there available, old 1800's county atlas's state book's are a wealth of knowledge....
The roads have generally changed some, but old fairgrounds, church social area's, rural post offices, and one room school houses are all in these books....
Detecting is fun, Dowsing is awsome....
Like metal detecting, it does take time and patients to learn, but the rewards are gratifing....
A good start is the ASD american society of dowser, check the website for info....
Happy Hunting
"Y" Rod