AT Max audio


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Just curious if Garrett changed the audio tones for the AT Max? I have used the AT Pro for a few years now and I was used to the tones on that machine. Got a new AT Max and thought the tones would be similar but they aren't. Wondering if this is factory or something I need to contact Garrett about.



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I am still using the AT Pro so I can't help. I will watch to see how this comes out though. Let us know if you find out before someone here knows please. Also a review when you have time to get used to it would be nice.


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Well I have spent a few more hours with the machine and All Metals mode is going to take some getting used to. The tones are completely different in this mode and I was having problems due to the volume on the headphones and the response tones give on shallow targets.

I switched it to Zero mode and it sounds very similar to the AT Pro. So for now I am hunting in Zero and switching to All Metals mode to listen to the different tones. Found $1.30 in clad yesterday on a short hunt. I am still using the 8.5"x11" coil and need to try it with the 5"x8" coil.