AT Pro wireless headphones mod


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I got my new AT Pro last week, and it's a pretty wicked machine! I got it as a back-up to my ETrac to use in bad weather, but my girlfriend pretty much claimed it now after taking it out Sunday and finding a silver (stamped 925) Irish Claddaugh ring, an old brass Army button, a matchbox car, and some clad, including a silver quarter, in about an hour at a local old park. It was pretty sick!

Today I got in the 'Garrett headphones adapter kit' which is very popular.
I didn't get it to run another set of wired headphones.
The stock Garrett headphones are actually very good!
I got it to run a set of Auvio 33-283 wireless 2.4 mhz headphones set. I have used them with my ETrac and they are really good and they are under $80! not like a $300 Whites wireless system.

The adapter and wireless system tucks VERY NICELY under the detector and out of the way, doesn't get snagged, and the fit is so tight that I have to put a little effort pulling them apart, which helps me know that a small snag won't pull the transmitter off. very good news!

The Auvio system is:
2.4 mhz, NOT bluetooth, so there is NO lag...
Will not interfere with any detector frequencies...
a 20-25 foot range. I put my detector down, walked to my car about 20 ft away, & still heard detector...
both transmitter and headphones are rechargable, at same time, with a split cable...
IF using the rechargables, the lit Auvio logos go from 'blinking' to 'steady' to show a full charge...
1-2 hour charge will get you 12-15 hours on the set...
rechargable batteries can be changed out, and the headphones can use normal batteries too...there is a switch in the headphones for 'rechargables-or-regular'...
very light and very well made. I was impressed on my first pair...

I did this mod using ONLY what came with the AT Pro and the headphones adapter kit, nothing else!...

I routed the headphones adapter kit under the AT Pro using the included jack clip and the stock clip that comes under the arm rest of the AT Pro...

Pics I included are with the headphones adapter kit from the side and bottom without the wireless mod... and pics of the transmitter plugged in and the headphones...

There is also a 1/8 to 1/4" adapter between the adapter kit and the Auvio transmitter, as seen in the pics (Walmart $4), which is needed on pretty much all headphone mods. 1/4" is the standard plug for metal detector headphones jacks and most wireless sets and headphones have the standard (newer) 1/8 jack that can plug into Ipods, stereos, etc...

It's nice to go wireless and not have to worry about wires being snagged or putting the detector down and digging and not worrying about pulling it over or being tethered to it...



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sold out and disc in stores... online only and sold out right now.... Auvio is supposed to be putting out the same set under a diff name/#... I got ine on Ebay for $70... they creep on there every week... grab a set if you see them on there


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Viddy, Great post and pic.'s. I bought the adapter for my AT PRO so I could use my Grey Ghost headphones. They are very comfortable. I never thought about being capable of running wireless headphones. That is a great idea. Thanks for passing this along, and oh..Congrat's on your AT PRO. It's a great machine. Best of Luck with it. You'll do well.


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Hey Viddy, I owe you a Big Thanks. I bought the headphone adapter for my AT PRO a while back and installed it as per instructions that came with the adapter. I was not happy with the way it installed. I placed mine with the connection located under the arm cuff facing out. This meant you had to remove the foam hand grip and either run the cable under the grip, or run the cable on the outside. I didn't want to remove the grip so I chose to run it on the outside. I wasn't satisfied. I used some zip ties to take the slack out of the cord, but was still not happy. I saw the pic's of the installation that you did and I did the same. Much happier with the result. I use my Grey Ghost headphones with mine. Thanks for the heads up. HH
I just bought the rapoo wireless headphones Model H3010 and wired up the headphone adapter chord the same as your pictures. It muted the external speaker when the transmitter is plugged in just fine. No lag with the headphones rapoo did great design. $36 including shipping from (dealextreme). Shipping was about 3 wks due to the vendor being in china. Dx is based inSingapore but the hong kong vender shipped it directly to me. I am very pleased.
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I saw those online and thought "they are either gonna be really good or really bad"....LOL

Glad someone tried them and glad they worked out really good. at $36, it a good deal too!

When I hop from my V3i with wireless to my Etrac with wired, the first time I set my detector down and have the wire 'pull' I appreciate the wireless


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Radio Shack discontinued them. They were awesome! you can find a few pair new here and there on Ebay for about $20 more.... well worth it! Amazing with no cables!