Automax Precision V4 Handle-ectomy

I got a v4 with my new detector. It is too large for my tastes. I usually hold on to the top of the probe near the box. So I found that I don't use the handle. You can't just saw it off! The vibrating motor is at the top of the handle. So you have to open the whole thing up and move the motor circuit board. <crap>
1. Take out battery
2. Remove the two screws at the bottom of the battery compartment
3. Remove the two screws in deep case holes on either side of the belt clip.
(Not the belt clip screws)
4. Remove the one screw in the handle.
5. Pull the outer handle off. It slides off fairly easily.
6. Carefully separate case halves.
7. Locate small circuit board in top of handle and remove one screw that holds it in.
8. Put double sided foam tape (the black kind is best, sticker) on back of circuit board.
9. Stick the board on the probe near the screws that hold the probe to the circuit board.
(this gives a better vibration in your hand when it goes off)
10. Cut off the handle with a hacksaw.
11. Put the case back together.
12. Cover hole with electricians tape (black). Or seal it up good in a way you think of.
Try not to glue the case halves together.

If you have questions PM me. If enough people are interested I can post pictures if needed. It's an easy modification. I put in a different switch too but that is way harder.
i like my vmax 4 the way it is lol cool video but mine will go in water to 12 inches so its all good when i wade and search :bthumb:


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I came across automax v4 last week it is a little bulky but I like it just as is and the price was right (FREE) so I win all the way around plus I needed one.Howard


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I think it works great but is the most awkward thing I have ever owned. Every time I bend over, it commits suicide. I spend more time picking it up than swinging. It is too frustrating. I was waiting to hear of a good way to seal the handle hole and I am soooo there.
Auto Max

Thank Tinman I watch your vidio. It took about 15 to 20 min. Its a lot better. I did put a piece tap on to help it stay. thank you.:pcool: