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I got my pinpointer today. I was thinking you could get within 2" of something and it would go off. Mine you almost have to touch the object. If the sen. knob is turned more than half way it sounds off without anything around. Is this normal?


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Wayne - I think it would depend on the model of the pinpointer...I have a Bullseye II that sounds off within about an inch of the object - and a Vibraprobe that does nearly the same...I've never used an automax - so I can't say if yours is acting normally or not...maybe someone else can chime-in on this...
Thats normal for the Automax V4, I have an extra one, it did the samething untill I modified it. Not recomended thou, unless your good at soldering, and wires, ect. I shortned the length of the probe, removed one setction.If you deside to make it more sensitive you can play around with the length of 1-of-4 of the main wires going to the probe. Buy shorting the length of the wire (very little) maybe 1/8 to 1/4 inch it will make it more sensitive. Also their is a small pot meter acessed thru the rear back panel a tiny hole, this adjusts the main gain knob on the front of the pin pointer, it's adjusts when/where the thing alarms.

Take all this with a grain of salt.

Not responsible for the demise of the pinpointer.

I now use a detector pro-pistal probe.:lol:


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I have the Garrett pro pointer and I actually got use it before the snow hit the fan. It was recommended by the family here and I'm tickled pink with the results of what it can do.
I have an automax too and it is basically useless so far. I want the Propointer but I just bought all the other gear recently and I'm strapped for cash now.


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I too had an Automax V4 that was good for a couple of inches. It was a bit cumbersome so I got the Garrett Pro Pointer. I love it and wouldn't go back for nothing. I didn't even keep the V4 for a back up. It was good if something was in the plug or on top under some loose dirt but that was about all.


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I found i had to be right on target for my V4 to work worth beans. It has been in the garage for over a year now.. Mikey:icon_cool


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with all the advertising and hype about the V4 you would think they would work better. I had one before i got my Pro Pointer, sent it back. the 17.00 Centec one from HF works better than the V4. Pro Pointer or Pistol Probe is the unit to have.


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The first automax I had stopped working so while I was waiting to have the Atomax replaced I bought the Centec one from harbor freight, the botton on the Centec would work intermittently and even when the light would come on it still wouldnt sound. The second automax I got is working better then the centec or the first automax. It is a bit bulky but if it keeps working I am satisfied with it. If it breaks I am going to save my money and get the Garrett.
Had an Automax and it was about as sensitive as a rock. Bought me a Garrett Propointer and the difference is like a silver dollar to a pull tab. I was lucky though, I was able to sell my Automax for what I paid for it. Try to do the same and get yourself a Garrett's.

Good hunting, Dwight