Automax V4 Pinpointer Modification

I'm getting a v4 pinpointer and already planed to remove the handle. And possibly add a volum control. Has anyone mod'ed theirs, if so lets see what you have done.

I also had the idea, of placeing the box on my terra 705, and adding a nice custom curly wire, about 3 feet, long streched out, maybe 4', and removeing the probe, and ataching it to the end of the wire, with the vibrating motor on the rear, of the probe :smile: .....Make it an Auto Probe. lol
No feild test yet, But I know it will detect deeper, some air test shows around 4" on some small metals, and a penny about 1.5" away, before I had to all but touch the coin before it would alarm. I'll get some actual feild test soon.