Bahamas Trip


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Eventhough I decided not to bring the detector I had a great time over there. I think it would have been too much for me to do over there and the detector with the plane, etc would have been too much. Anyways now here in Fla. I'm catching up on my detecting duties.

Here are a few pictures from Atlantis that you will enjoy. We did slides, looked at a lot of fish, swam with stingrays, sharks, and also on another occassion swam with dolphins as well. Oh yeah the guy with us was the taxi cab driver and we rented him for a few hours and he took us all over the island. He likes to be called shorty. He took us to a shack bar and I had spicy grits with steak. The food was great. Enjoy.


Man, you were in neck of the woods! Hunting would have killed your family time and you guys looked like you were having fun:multi:

May next time when you have some "me time" maybe we could link up on a hunt:bthumb:

Till next time Reyven :wavey:


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that water looks fantastic to hunt. Maybe next time I get there. thanks.

Reyven if you are ever in Florida let me know. I know a lot of good places to hunt here.