Beach programs


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Just got back from FLA and I took my whole arsenal. I will NEVER leave for the beach without the Deus. I spent a lot of time night hunting. I fould a BUNCH of coins and jewelry including two gold rings. The combination of the light weight and TID makes me wonder why I left the Deus home on my last trip to the sea. Both the dry and wet beach programs run the 18khz frequency. US coins TID is so consisten you almost always know what you are digging beforehand. Running the "dry sand", program quarters 95, dimes 91/92, pennies 85/86. Both gold rings rang in at 50 (i'm sure different sizes and purities of gold may vary). Pull tabs 65/66 and anything in the 30's was almost always foil. On problem now is those round things that peel off the top of juice jugs - they are NUMEROUS and always ring in at 40/41. For hunting near the surf I used a slightly modified "wet sand program. Hunting in the program was similar to hunting with the Excal in all metal. I'm sure the Dues doesn't get all the depth of the Excal, but having the lightweigh, TID and ability to move from the wet to dry sand with the push of a button is awesome. TID's weren't quite as accurate in the wet sand but I was able to dig target 8-10 inches. Wet sand program picks up bottle caps, dry sand program does not. Not advertising here - just reporting.