Best coil for explorer ii ?

I like the SEF

I really like the 12x15 SEF I put on mine. It has been on for about 2 months and it is goes deep and is pretty easy to pinpoint with despite its large size.


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I really like the 12x15 SEF I put on mine. It has been on for about 2 months and it is goes deep and is pretty easy to pinpoint with despite its large size.

That coil looks like a killer.. Ill have to look into it for my machine.. with that monster coil does it add or delete weight from the standard DD coil?

Man, i think im gonna freak when I see the pricetag on that baby!
The large SEF....

The only other coil I have ever used with my Exp.II is this big SEF. It was originally equipped with the 10.5" DD. The main reason for getting this monster was for sand/ beach use to see deeper for targets. I also thought I might like the larger real estate it covers, which it does and I do like. I decided to do some park hunting to get familiar with this new coil, and found myself digging targets that I did not even think were really there; this is why... Several times I was getting hits and digging down 4-5 inches and still not seeing anything with the Sunray probe. What I learned was BELIEVE THE DETECTOR....if it says it's is. At first I thought I must be way off on targeting my plug, but come to find out, the target was (considerably) deeper than what I had dug. On average, I was going no more that 5 inches with the original coil; maybe it is just because I have not passed over anything deeper to register...I do not know for sure on that. I am now pulling targets out at 10+ inches. What I can say is that the SEF has really given my Gator Digger a good workout on hunts. Not to downplay the original Minelab coil, it is a good coil. In trashier areas, I find myself making repeated swings over what I feel is the best tone being sounded on. It is a little more work zeroing in on what you think is a good item to dig. If I was detecting in what I would consider "real trashy areas" regularly, I might just stick with the Minelab coil just to narrow down the coverage area (and confusion). Overall I am happy with the performance of this monster. I have recently picked up a DetectorPro Pistol Probe to help "mythbust" the real-deep stuff that I am not able to locate right away with the Sunray. It lets me know that I am on the right track with my plug and hole as it sees a lot deeper than the Sunray being a pulse induction probe. I have to swing the SEF a good distance from the hole though with the Pistol Probe because of interference....5 feet away and all is good. I know 2 probes might be redundant, but nothing gets away from me now. :)
SEF pricing....

At Kelleyco, the 12x15 SEF is actually cheaper than the 11' Minelab Explorer Pro coil. It is only $10.00 or so...but there is no such thing as a "cheap" genuine Minelab part! -lol-
As far as the weight goes...I can only imagine the SEF weighs a little more than the 10.5" -DD originally on the EXP.II, but it is not noticeable to me.
I also like the fact that this is a center-mounted coil and not offset like the original; it is very manageable and so far, the trade-off is worth it.
They actually make 18x15" SEF's for the Exp.II and even larger 21x17" SEF's for the GPX4500!!!!!
Now that truely is a Monster!!!!