BH 3300 Discovery with 4" nugget coil

For those that have the 3300 (or similar) with the stock coil, you should try the 4" coil. I found some for like $32 delivered then found one for $25 delivered.

Anyway, my problem was too much junk and today I only found a penny but I had been over that area with a ADS deepseeker and the 3300 and they just read wild so I moved on. This was in my yard.

With the 4" coil as suggested by the guys here I was able to ID each...I dug them all and it was right every time.

I quit digging was over 7" deep and about 100 degrees so I may check that one a cooler day with fresh batteries.

I live in a mining area. They mined zink, lead, iron ore, I don't know what all here. So my ground might not be "detector friendly".

I can't wait to get out some place to give it a real test. I like the 3300 so much I bought one for the wife so we'll be using 2, one with a stock and one 4" coil.

Also, I had a very hard time with ground balance. Much easier (possible) with the smaller coil.