BH discovery 3300

I took the new 3300 to a local grade school that I had prviously hunted with my old Whites 66TR goldmaster and found 9 coins in about 2 hours.
It has been well hunted so I am satisfied. The oldest was a 1944 penny.
This morning I used a plugger and burried a quarter, a dime and a penny at various depths in the back yard. The soil is very dry.
I could locate the quarter at 5 inches and sometimes at 6 inches.
The penny and dime I could find at 5 inches. I am wondering how soil conditions and soil moisture effect the depth the machine will locate at.
Any advice is appreciated. Good hunting, Merf


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Wet ground is always a plus. It "excites" the objects in the ground and makes the detector "see" them better. You are getting readings that are typical for this detector.:wave:
Wet is great for 3300

I have been using my 3300 for almost 2 months and every silver coin I found was in wet soil when it was raining or after a few days of rain. In my area we havn't had any rain in almost a week and the deepest target I have dug this week was a wheatie at 5 inches.
when i was playin with miss john's 3300 i noticed when you turn it on sen. was preset to med. you can crank it up if the ground will let you.
Bh 3300

I just bought one for $108.00 out the door at Radio Shack. The clerk told me they weren't releasing them to the stores until around Christmas time but he could order one for me. I don't need another detector! This makes 5! It was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up though! I have read too much good stuff about this particular model. I guess I'll give it to one of my granddaughters as a gift if one of them shows an interest in metal detecting. Or I might just like it so much I keep it myself? I have an ACE 250 and I am interested in how the two compare. I will try to run some kind of comparison test and write it up later on. Montyburns


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I have a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV and am thinking of trading up to an Ace 250 so will be interested in your comparison. Please keep us posted. JoAnne

Jo, I have an ACE 250 and I love it! It is a coin hound. It does not have a way to manually ground balance so it doesn't work well around saltwater. I recommend you go to Radio Shack and get one of their behind the head stereo headphones with a volume control ($15.99). The ACE 250 does not have a volume control and unless you have it on your headphones it will blow your ears off! I found a silver ring with my ACE this morning! MB