BH Sharpshooter-2 Settings

For yrs. I wanted to get into this great hobby, When I retired the first thing I did was go out and get one. There is so much history in the area where I live (french-Indian wars ) When doing reseach on what to buy and reading posts from alot of hunters, I went with the sharpshooter (reason ) an oldtimer told me not to get one with all the bells and gizmo's. He told me this would be a great unit to go out and learn all the tones & beeps by ear, and also after learning to pinepoint that after awhile I would be able by the sound just about how deep the object was. Man was he right !!! I wish I could remember his name & where he posted, He was an old timer hope he is still around. How right he was!!! when I first started I did the test garden, and dug up everything, by doing this I started to get a good ear for junk and goodies. But the best tip he gave me was you never know what is under that junk!!! If their was alot of junk than there were alot of people which means lost items, dig it all, if anything you worked on learning your tones and beeps better.


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Welcome to Treasure Quest, the best darn MD forum anywhere. Thanks for the great info that you have posted already and looking forward to your finds.


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With age comes Experience & Wisdom.Great that the Old Timer put you on the right track. They are also a Valuable source of knowledge as far as places to hunt to. Glad to hear your doing so well. :bthumb: