Bluenoser's Log...swish interrupted by nudist

From the land of the Bluenose....earlier this summer the local rugrats decided to torch the treehouse in the adjoining treed lot. I for one was glad that the "hangout" had gone up in a puff of smoke. I was not glad however, that the owner of the lot decided to take a chain saw to the tree housing the burnt remains at 0920 hrs this morning while I was in dream land having visions of being Peter Pan swinging a coil in Neverneverland.

So it was up out of bed (both sides being the wrong one), get dressed, hop in the car, grab a Tim's and on to a local lake. At least the day was a good one with the sky a variable kaleidoscope of pastel colours that seemed to radiate a dance of joy.

I was looking forward to the solitude of swinging in peace and purging myself of the ungodly thoughts that were manifesting themselves in my frontal lobe as I would have gladly lined up "Mr. Chainsaw Man" up with the bonnet of Goquickski (my old Chrysler) and made him a permanent hood ornament.

The sweet low pulse of my Seahunter soon distilled those thoughts and I was engulfed in the quest for lost treasures. Wasn't long before the coins started coming as well as a child's ring that had a missing stone along with the usual debris that one can find at a beach. Of course the day was too perfect. Looking into the shore I noticed that a lady had arrived with two off springs. Well Mr. man even with my headphones on I could hear the squeal of delight from the little boy who, without false modesty, and some difficulty, took off his shirt, dropped his pants and rain towards the water with his briefs down around his ankles. Of course his mother was keeping a sharp eye on her son who plunged (more like tripped) into the lake palavering in a dialect unknown to this ole bouy and the ever present ducks. As tired and cranky as I was had to laugh and laugh I did while in the process almost letting loose a luminescent liquid down my leg!

After this encounter with the naturalist the swish continued on with 49 coins totalling $9.91 entering the kangaroo pouch of my chest wadders.