Blurry New Eyeglasses, Right or Wrong?


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Hello all,,,
I hoping some of you may have had some experience with new glasses and can offer some suggestions. I recently acquired my first set of glasses. I'm mostly far sighted and can still see fairly well at a distance. Well, without the new glasses anyway.

The glasses are bifocals and were supposed to be mainly for reading and things up close although the normal lenses were supposed to correct the slight astigmatism<-spell check) I was diagnosed with. When they handed me the glasses I stuck them on and reading something with them worked great but everything at a distance was blurry and way out of focus. The lady asked me what I thought about them, if I could see ok with them, and I told her that everything at a distance was pretty blurry. She ended up telling me to go ahead a wear them for a few days to get used to them.

I have worn them for a few days now and they haven't gotten much better. Should I take them back to them before they cause more damage to my eyes or does this seem to be the norm for a new pair? I'm thinking the prescription is wrong, either from the optometrist missing it, or the factory got it wrong... What do you all think?


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I wear the Bi focals and when I look thru them at the bottom of the len it is blurry far away also...yours might be up too far and making you see blurry too..might have to get them rechecked where you got to the manager there and have them check them out..Might have made a mistake with your perscription...Chuck....:eek:


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You should be able to see clearly, it is only the reading part that should take time to adapt to.

Unless: they told you that they were just for reading, after a couple of days they should be just right.

Bring them back for a re-test.

I had one pair years ago, that I just couldn't get use to (I am very near sighted).
I called the Dr's office, and was (rudely) told the Doctor's prescription was correct (the innuendo was that he didn't make mistakes).
I suffered for two years, and then went back to another optometrist that I had used years ago.

He examined my eyes and kept going back & forth from the glasses to the way that he had read my prescription.

To make a long story short (if it isn't too long already) the other doc had cut my prescription (reduced it) and that was why I couldn't see.

I wanted it bumped bakc up and now I am fine.

So, the answer is: don't just accept the rx. Tell them that it is wrong.
or get a decent acceptable answer.


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i would go back and have things checked out. i have wore glasses for many years, graduated to bifocals about 7 years ago and had a similar problem. when they fitted me they had them adjusted too high. when i would look at things far away they were blurry. come to find out they were sitting too high and i would just catch the upper part of the bifocal when i would look straight out. regardless i would go back and have it checked out.


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I agree take them back!

I have tried Bi-focals, progressives, and using a pair of reading glasses and far glasses. Now I am going to try the multi focal contacts. Just keep at it till they get it right, Beale.


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Thanks all,,,
Sounds like your all telling me pretty much the same thing. They just ain't right and I need to take them back. I was afraid of that...

Some of you mentioned that the lens may be sitting too high and they were when I first stuck them on, which I forgot to mention in the original post, but they fixed that problem right away by lowering the glasses a bit. Although I do see a slight glare from where the two different section meet, just below my point of vision, I don't think that's the problem. I have tried looking through different areas of the normal lens and there just isn't a spot on there that I can see clearly through.

I wore them yesterday morning while posting and could see the computer screen better than usual but every time I tried to look at anything farther away than just a few feet it was still too blurry...

I hate to do it but I guess I'm going to have to go back to get them right.
Thanks again for all your input. I really appreciate it...
Have a great day, Leon...


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I would like to asked a question . Why is it when were looking though the lens machine we can see perfect and when we get the new glasses They tell us we had to get used to them before we can see ? --- Graw
return them and if they won't retest ya try for a refund and then go some place else- I had bifocals once -when looking thru them it was like looking thru a prism-tossed them -went to another place and this guy gave me trifocals with no lines-I can see good now.


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Thanks again all,,,
That is a good question Graw. Sure don't make much sense to me either.
When they wanted me to read the chart I could read every letter on it except for the very last one in the last row. He flipped a few of the lenses on the machine and although most of the letters were a little easier to read he never did come up with a setting where I could read that last letter but he still wrote down a few numbers and proceeded to do the up close check. At first I couldn't read a thing on that small card right in front of the machine but after changing a few settings it all cleared up nicely.

I figured he would tell me all I needed was reading glasses due to the fact that nothing seemed to help me on the distance chart but he said that I had the slight astigmatism and the prescription would take care of it.

I've continued to try them out in the mornings as they do help while reading the forum but everything at a distance of more than 10 feet away is still blurry to me and I just don't think it's right.

Well, While typing this post I couldn't help but to look away to see how well I was seeing this morning. I didn't even think about it the other day but I started closing one eye at a time and it seems to be the right lens that's slightly out of focus. Looking through the left eye seems to be just fine.

Thanks for all the help guys. I sure would hate to do any more damage to my eyes and your replies have settled it for me. They're definitely going back...
Have a great day all, Leon...