Bobber "wand" construction

I started dowsing with a "bobber", bakelite handle, plastic 3/32" X 25" rod with a wooden ball on the end.

My question is does anyone know a source for a rod that I could use, metal (with coil), plastic or other material that doesn't fatigue and break with much use?


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Hi and welcome to TQ, glad to have you with us! Can't help you with the rod but there's several dowsers on hear that probably can.


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hello and welcome to the TQ family. don't know anything about dowsing but am interested in trying it. my dad and grandpa showed me how to use divining rods to locate sewer pipes underground and i must say i have pretty good luck with it. hope someone can help ya.
Bobber wand construction

Get hold of the American Dowsing Society back east or google for it, they have bobbers of about any weight from flimsy to solid spring type.Not that high. from 5 bucks to 100$. I have one made out of wood with a hole in handle for witness if wanted.