Boisnot New York?

I dug a nice cobalt blue BOISNOT NEW YORK bottle today. Its about 6 and a quarter inches high and a little over 2 and a half inches wide and almost 2 inches thick. Its a really pretty corker and I can't find any information on it at all. Its cira 1880's give or take 10 years. If anyone could help with what type of medicine it was and a possible value I would really appreciate it. Thanx, Jason
[SIZE=-1]Saw this when I tried to search for any info ... I guess the sale/auction is over, as the URL I followed did not show this. Doesn't say much, sorry, but at least there is a price listed.

ATTIC MINT1890 Boisnot NEW YORK Hand-Tool Beveled-Flare $ 0.99 Buy now: $ 4.95[/SIZE]
Found a dead end, at least I think it's a dead end? Hopefully its a start on finding more info on the man behind the bottle. I found In the University Of Pennsylvania's Medical Dept. of Matriculants, 1806-1852, Addendum 1853, 1857, 1860. There is a listing for a Jas M. Boisnot from Six Mile Run, N.J. and he attended the university in 1857. What's the chance that this guy studied medicine for a while and then moved to New York where he marketed his own medicine in a pretty cobalt blue bottle that I dug 120 years after it was disgarded in the 1880's give or take 10 years of course. I was also curious as to what makes a potentially rare bottle valuable? How do I get this bottle in the listings as a medicine? Should I contact digger odell or is there another person I should get a hold of to get this bottle listed??? Anyone with any opinions on this one? I really appreciate you looking for me. I think I would have bought that bottle if I saw it listed. Its gotta be rare or scarce if its not listed anywhere's. The lack of information is a bit disheartening. But half the fun is successfully research the history of the bottles we dig. Jason