Bottles out I found.

This is my first post and I am glad I found this site.I was going threw my great great grandmaw's old house that is just about to fall down and is so grown up you can only see the roof.It took me over a year to find the old place.:mad:
But I found some bottles that I need help with. A gatorade bottle,a liquor bottle and a 7-up bottle that was bottled in Alexandria 50 miles from me. I know DR Pepper and 7-up merged together in the early 1900's so I got in touch with the DR Pepper Museum in Waco,Texas and talked to a man and he said he has never heard or seen one of these bottles.:eek: He is going to do some research for me and let me know something.Only thing about them,they want you to give stuff to the Museum,they don't buy things.:mad:
So maybe someone on here can find out something,are maybe even has one of there own.:)

Thanks Thomas


ok, your bottles are all contemporary ( new) . the Getorade is most likely a Mexican soda 1970s or 80s. the clear bottle with the flower embossed on it is a barber bottle from the 1940s , and the my pic with the statue of liberty is a, a c l . 1940s or 50s and is your best one . 10.00 to 20.00 dollars.maybe more or less .