Bounty Hunter 8400 Oldie but Goodie???

I have an old BH model 8400 that my daughter has been using. I don't have a manual and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get one for this relic. It seems to work okay but I am not quite sure how to really set it up with the ground balance and all of the other features. I graduated to an Ace 250 and love it.

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I have not looked but did you try the Bounty Hunter section of this forum? Your manual may be listed there. Good Luck JoAnne :grin:
Bounty Hunter 8400

I tried there and found another post about an 840 BH which is similar and they too are looking for a manual. May have to contact Bounty Hunter and see if they archive any information on these. Thanks!

hey Sdpauley

Give us more to go on bh 8400 & name....if anything bh has a 800 # and i seen where they sent a book at no charge....i'm trying to find it myself...and if i do i will give it to you...:smile:
Bounty Hunter 8400

Here is some more info on this detector. It is blue in color and has Bounty Hunter 8400 Automatic VLF/TR discriminator printed on it. 4 adjustable turn style knobs. One for all metal/depth and discriminator another for audio adjustment, ground adjustment and the on/off with battery check. The search coil has "Recovery Team" printed on it, There is also a headphone jack on the top. The handle has a small push type button in the end of the handle which appears to reset the ground balance. This is where I get lost on how to set it properly. If you come up with anything or if I do I will make sure to forward the info to you.


Bounty Hunter 8400

WHAT QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE? FIRST, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FRESH BATTERIES. There should be a battery check switch. Turn the detector on, using the audio adjust, adjust the detector for a slight threshold sound while also depressing the button on the end of the handle. Release the push button and you should be ready to go! The threshold sound is the slightest sound that you can comfortable hear! Set the detector on Discriminate! The discrimination dial is numbered from 1 thru 10 or so . Number 4 is a good starting point! Get some targets good and bad, set-up the detector so it will just accept the U.S. Nickel. At this setting you will accept nickels, all coins and most rings gold and silver! If you want to reject pull-tabs, rotate the dial to about 7 or so. Check it with a pull-tab. At this setting, the detector will reject nickels and most gold rings but it will accept U.S. Silver! Now set the detector on all- metals, find some metal free ground and lower the coil to the ground! If the sound increases,rotate the ground control 1/4 turn ccw while also depressing the push button and release.Continue until the sound doen't change! Now if the sound decreases, rotate the ground control 1/4 turn cw. Continue until there is no change in the audio. Do the above while depressing the push button and then release! All-Metals is used for Relic Hunting, Pin-pointing, and for the Depth Reading! Most will set-up in Discriminate and hunt, then switch over to all metals for the depth-reading and for pinpointing only! Always keep a threshold sound, if this sound disappears, all you need to do is push the push-button on the end of the handle and release. This technique also helps in pinpinting a target. Get the coil as close to the target as possible but to the side. Push the push-button and release. Swept the coil over the target which now should have a much reduced signal! Hope this helps! HH Joe
Thanks, that is exactly what I needed, step by step. I haven't had a chance to try it but will shortly. One other question, on the meter or I should say right below the meter there appears to be an adjustment screw for calibration. Is this needed or is it better left alone. My guess is when everything is set correctly, the needle should be right in the center and when you sweep across metal it will move indicating what you may have found.

Bounty Hunter 8400

Scott, I would leave the adjustment screw for the meter alone for now. Once you get alot more familiar with your machine and you still want to adjust this, we can talk about this then! Or leave me a private message! Joe