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I have a neighbor who wants to sell me two Bounty Hunter "Big Bud" NT metal detectors SN 1541. They are almost 25 yrs. old and they have the paperwork books etc. About 400.00 (ea.?) new back then VLF technology. These actually have the meter showing what you have found - new technology back then I think. Does anyone know if there is any value to these, how well they work, or what they might be worth?
I own a bounty hunter Bud 1 detector which I purchased new.This detector will find the nickles.I hunt for coins in coins only mode.I have recovered large cents with this detector that were really deep.The surface blanker works very well, you can eliminate the first 2 or 4 inches of soil with the toggle switch on the right side.This gives you an idea of how deep the target is.I have nothing bad to say about this machine.Ive found many many coins with the Bud.Ive hunted over school yards that have been heavily hunted and im telling you it is hot on nickles.This detector isnt fooled by pull tabs very often.Once you use this detector you will increase your finds of nickles and rings.
bounty hunter bud series

I forgot to mention that the meter is very accurate.Im not sure what the value would be.Im thinking a fair price would be around 100.00 each.My detector is around that 25 year old mark and i never had any issues with it not working.Its very stable and it does go deep.It has a deep coins alert circuit in it.Sweep slow and thorough and it will prove itself.

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I don't want to "bias" anyone's opinion on that machine, but I had a BH Big Bud back in the late 80's, and it was the WORST machine I ever owned. It was erratic and would "false" all the time. BUT, my machine may have been messed-up, and if that was the case, my opinion may be wrong. For 400.00, you can get any one of a number of good new machines. Just my opinion. Maybe you can try the Bud out and see how you like it before buying it. :smile:


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My 2 cents

Old machines can be fun to play with, as some are still very good and can compete with the new machines. I would only pay $50 - $100 and that's it!!!


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Yep! Old is good some times. That is a good machine.

Still able to be worked on with discrete components.

If you can carry it, Use it.

I can fix it if broken.:alcoholic


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I had a BH Landstar, bro-in-law has the BH 202. They both would give off false readings when going through ferns and like in the woods. It was pretty frustrating . It did pick up some decent coins,
just not made for the woods or heavy grass. :banghead:
If you can get it alot cheaper than he wants, buy it if the price is right, and save it for a back-up machine.